Patients and their medical insurance information can be exploited in various ways that result in increased costs and decreased confidence in the healthcare system. Medicare fraud and abuse is a serious problem requiring your attention. Don't be fooled into thinking that health care fraud is a victimless crime. There is no doubt that health care fraud can have devastating effects. Although there is no precise measure of health care fraud and the majority of health care providers are honest and well-intentioned, a very small minority of dishonest healthcare providers commit fraud. Sadly, the actions of these deceitful few negatively impact the growing number of people served by Medicare. We must be diligent in protecting your identity: make sure you protect your health insurance ID card like you would a credit card; report fraud; be informed about the health care services you receive, keep good records of your medical care, closely review all medical bills you receive; and read your policy and benefits statements. Health Care Fraud is a costly reality that we cannot afford to ignore.